Programs For School

Introduce coding to your students at a young age to enhance the exposure to technology and create a path to a new world of innovation and creativity. Your school can become the forefront of education by introducing new programs that give exposure to the students and help them learn the essential 21st century skills to be future ready.

Below are a few engagement models to collaborate with Cherry Coders Edtech:


Integration with your school syllabus

Integrate our courses to your school syllabus and align to your school’s program. We are flexible and can customize our courses according to your school curriculum for various grades.

Extra curricular activity club

We organize evening STEAM activities for students to encourage them to create coding projects and broaden their horizon. Due to an increased demand for STEAM skillsets within industry, we want to motivate and inspire students to explore the rewarding opportunities available through learning to code. We are open to matching the frequency of the classes as per your requirement. The schools will have an additional source of revenue through the on-going activity club.

Holiday Camps

We can together organize Holiday camps for students to learn new skills and make holidays fun. Depending on time of year, we offer weekly courses with multiple flexible timings to choose from. Students can effectively utilize their holidays to bootstrap their coding knowledge. The parents will be notified by the school about the holiday camps in advance to enroll their child for the coding camp.

Referral Partner program

Schools can make Cherry Coders Edtech their referral coding partner, by which Cherry Coders will become their preferred partner for online coding classes. The school will send out flyers to parents recommending Cherry Coders for learning coding courses and encourage students to sign up with us.