Minecraft Course


Age: 7 years+

Minecraft is one of the most amazing games ever created, with endless features to explore and build. Minecraft can also be used to make your own game. You can use tools like redstone contraptions and signs to create stories, adventures, and puzzles—but the imagination doesn’t stop there! Using command blocks, you can learn to add code into your adventure map to do things like summon monsters, spring traps, give weapons and armor to players, and even teleport them to a distant place.

You can use the Java source code of Minecraft to make your own mods, like tools or armor! Minecraft is a great place to start creating your 3D game design and learn core coding concepts using Java. You will be excited to share your creations with your friends and family!

Course curriculum:
* Group class –Maximum of 4 students | 1 : 1 Private class

Course Fee:

Private Class

USD 253
INR 6800
GBP 206

Group Class

USD 189
INR 5200
GBP 154