Java Course


Age: 13 years+

Java is a multi-platform programming language which can run on different devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about kitting your child out with the latest high-spec PC before they can start their coding journey.

Java is used by most of the big companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. Knowing that Java forms the backend of many of their favourite sites, apps and games can really spark your child’s curiosity in learning to code. Furthermore, Java is an in-demand language amongst employers, making it one of the best languages your child can learn. Knowledge of Java paves the way for future career and programming opportunities for your child.

Course curriculum:
* Group class –Maximum of 4 students | 1 : 1 Private class

Course Fee:

Private Class

USD 802

INR 21600

GBP 655

Group Class

USD 602
INR 16800
GBP 492